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Pond Valves

Ball Valve Double Union Imperial
Excellent quality double union ball valve to fit  pressure pipe, each end of valve can be removed
Our price : £7.50
Valterra Slide Valve Range
Excellent quality slide valve to fit  pressure pipe, sleeves required to fit solvent waste pipe,compact
Our price : £7.99
Yamitsu Kockney Koi Ball Valves
Reliable  fixed economy ball valve to fit  solvent waste pipe, no adapters required Colour, Black and Yellow Please note
Our price : £7.25
Excellent quality double union ball valve with  BSP female threaded ends, each end of valve can be
Our price : £14.99
110 mm Economy Slide valve
 Very similar to the Valterra 110 mm slide valve with a stainless steel paddle to
Our price : £38.99
50 mm Fixed economy Ball Valve
Fixed Economy 50 mm metric ball valve with  plain 50 mm metric sockets. Can be used straight
Our price : £5.50
Ball valve D/U Economy Metric 50 63 mm
 Economy Double union metric Ball valves. Double glue plain socket Stiffer in operation then other valves but
Our price : £8.99
Ball Valve double union Metric 25 32 50 63 and 110 mm
 Metric  Quality Double union ball valves. Double plain glue sockets Demountable making installation and removal easy. Available in
Our price : £5.50
Ball Valve Double Union Metric AK
 Double union ball valves to fit metric pressure pipe AK type   50 and 63mm can be
Our price : £10.99
Ball Valve Single union 3
 3" imperial pressure pipe single union ball valve with plain sockets. Can also be used on
Our price : £54.99

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