Five Acre Koi Supplies

Hose and Fittings

Heavy duty hose is strong and  flexible . Black in colour so blends in well with
Our price : £1.90
Hose 90 connector
 Hose 90 connector,suitable for getting your hose around very tight corners without it kinking or
Our price : £1.00
Hose Clips Double Wire
 Double wire hose clips from Yamitsu with colour coded wing nut so no tools required Double
Our price : £0.65
Hose Connector joiner repair piece
 Hose joiner connector used for extending hose or to repair a leak in the hose
Our price : £0.75
Spiral vacuum hose is light,strong and very flexible without kinking. Black in colour so blends
Our price : £1.45
Hose tap valve in line
 In line hose tap valve,ends fit in to the hose and secure with a hose
Our price : £2.95
Hose Tee Connector
 Hose connector tee piece allows adding an additional hose in to a run for a
Our price : £1.20
Hosetail Glue fit all sizes
 43mm/1.5" solvent waste Hosetail with hose fitting to suit 1.5",1.25" and1" hose. If using the larger
Our price : £1.99
Oase Flow regulator hose valve
Oase FR1.5" Flow Regulator   In line hose tap valve,ends fit in to the hose and secure
Our price : £14.99
Oase YDB Hose Valve Y Distributor
 Oase YDB hose valve. Splits one hose in to two enabling one pump to supply two
Our price : £29.50

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