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Kaldnes K1 1 Litre

Kaldnes K1 1 Litre

Kaldnes K1 has been used in aquaculture for many years proving to have a massive surface area when used in a highly oxygenated environment. First brought to pond filter use by Evolution Aqua in the Nexus filter system and more recently used very successfully as a mechanical pre-filter in the Eazy.

Most filters can be adapted to suit K1 as long as media grids and filter baffles are modified due to K1's small size and it's ability to find it's way out of anything.

Usually require between a third and half of the volume of the filter bay, can also be mixed with bio chip media for improved biological filtration, see list

Price is for 1 litre also available in other sizes,please see list.

K1 is the original smaller media around 10mm

K3 is the larger media around 25mm.

Don't mix K1 and K3 in same chamber use them separate

Our Price: £1.60