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Black Wide Mouth In Wall Skimmer

Black Wide Mouth In Wall Skimmer

Here we have for sale a Black Wide mouth  in wall surface skimmer 

Floating weir type,the trap door floats just under the water surface and automatically adjusts in the top 75 mm of water level to create the perfect surface skim.

Suitable for pond or swimming pools with liners

Can also be used on fibreglass ponds

Max dimensions across face 345 mm, high 193 mm (aperture which faces the pool)

overall height from bottom of 1.5 bsp female outlet to top 325 mm

Back of body to face plate 320 mm

Front edge of body to face plate 133 mm( width of brickwork it will clear max)

width diameter of body at top 195 mm tapers down to 160 mm towards bottom

1.5" bsp female thread bottom outlet

It is possible to enlarge the bottom of this skimmer to convert to gravity feed,it is normally

possible to fit a 82 mm/3" tank liner connector in to the bottom some cutting is required to do this,

or a 6" to 4" rubber reducer see photo 4, all available from us at extra cost

Our Price: £45.99