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The new  Aquamax Eco Premium range will handle pond debris up to 11mm, through its robust pump housing and with the addition of the included second suction hosetail which can be used with the optional remote filter cage or with an optional surface skimmer, these pumps can also be used externally on gravity fed filter systems, this may require additional fittings. All pumps come complete with 2 x swivel hosetail fittings,10 metres of cable and an impressive 3+2 year request guarantee. 

Made in Germany meaning excellent engineering quality and reliability

12000 , 16000 and 20000 pumps include Seasonal Flow Control switch which automatically optimses and reduces flow rate and delivery head by up to 50%

When the SFC is switched on an additional 30% energy saving is possible.

  • Premium 4000, 4000 lph, 3.2m/h, 40 watts

  • premium 6000, 6000 lph, 3.6m/h, 50 watts

  • Premium 8000. 8000 lph, 4m/h, 65 watts

  • Premium 10000, 10000 lph, 4.7m/h, 88 watts

  • Premium 12000, 12000 lph, 5m/h, 110 watts 

  • Premium 16000, 15600 lph, 5.2m/h, 145 watts

  • Premium 20000,  19500 lph, 5.4 m/h, 180 watts

  • The product innovation AquaMax Eco Premium.

    The new Original. Like always. Just better.

    With all-new design, more energy-saving and new engine technology!

    Product characteristics at a glance

    • Brilliant power balance: Trusted displacement capacities with less energy

    • Supplemental, patented connection of optional filter accessories for dirt feeding of further pond zones

    • Unique, patented frost protection: to -20°C

    • Delivery rate is controllable mechanically and electronically

    • Elegant design with craftily operating elements

    • Quiet at the dry installation

    • Coarse pollutant displacement of particles up to 10 mm in size

    • “Environmental Function Control” (EFC by OASE) protects against dry-run or blocking


Our Price: £229.99