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Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic is formulated to protect your fish from parasites. Garlic is rich in sulphur containing compounds which give it it's characteristic smell. These compounds are known to have repellant properties. The volatile oils in garlic diffuse through the skin of the fish and into the mucus layer. Parasites which live in the mucus layer of the fish react to these compounds by swimming away from them.

Fish are most vulnerable to parasitic attack when the water starts to warm up again in the spring and when new fish are introduced into the pond.

In the cooler times of the year when the fish in your pond are being given a rest from the rapid growth provided by higher protein diets, they should be fed Medikoi Wheatgerm with garlic.

Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic is very effective at stimulating the appetite. If fish have been moved or have "gone off their food" Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic can encourage them to feed again very quickly. When rapid growth is not a priority, Medikoi Wheatgerm with Garlic can be fed throughout the year and can be used instead of Medikoi Beauty in the feeding programme.

Available in 3mm Junior and 6mm floating pellet.

Contains: Garlic, Wheatflour, Wheatgerm, Wheatbran, Maize gluten, Soya, Fish Oil, EEC permitted colourants and antioxidants

Our Price: £19.99