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KUSURI KLAY1 kg and 2 kg

KUSURI KLAY1 kg and 2 kg

A unique high purity Montmorillonite clay


Kusuri klay is a high purity montmorillonite clay Kusuri klay re-mineralises water inproves water clarity, koi colour and lustre, aids health,stimulates appetite. This re-mineralisation mimics the natural mud pond enviroment where high quality koi are traditionally bred and grown on during the summer months.Kusuri klay is a pure mineral, free of any chemicals,phosphates and base metals. 


koi absorb minerals in high quantities from the water helping bone and cellular growth,Kusuri klay aids mineral availability in the water.

Dose Rate is 25g per 500 gallons of pond water.

use weekly throughout the year



Our Price: £12.50