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Valve Sleeves Range 1.5" 2" 3" 4"

Valve Sleeves Range 1.5

 Valve sleeves are generally used to convert valves usually ball and slide valves to solvent waste.

They can also be used to convert pressure pipe fittings to solvent waste and soil pipe.

We also stock a 1.5" pressure to 40mm push fit sleeve,it glues in to fitting but 40mm pipe needs to be siliconed in or similar

Sizes Available include

  • 1.5" pressure to 43mm solvent waste

  • 1.5" pressure to 40mm pushfit

  • 2" pressure to 56mm solvent waste

  • 3" pressure to 82mm soil/solvent

  • 4" pressure to 110mm soil/solvent

  • 50mm metric pressure to 43mm solvent  waste, please see separate listing

  • 63mm metric pressure to 56mm solvent  waste, please see separate listing

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