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Evolution Aqua Nexus Filter 220 320 K1 Micro

Evolution Aqua Nexus Filter 220 320 K1 Micro

Nexus Eazy with hands dry easy clean system, comes complete with media, waste valves and rubber connection boots.

New style Nexus with Ki Micro in the Easy section and lift out Easy for better cleaning

Suitable for both Pump fed and gravity fed garden and Koi ponds.

  • Nexus 220 filter system for Koi ponds up to 4000 gallons.

  • Nexus 320 filter system for koi ponds up to 7000 gallons.

  • Lids available separately.

  • Optional air pump is required to operate the nexus filters.

Specification Nexus Eazy 220 Nexus Eazy 320
Max. Flow Rate 10,000 litres/hr

2,200 UK gallons/hr

2,640 US gallons/hr
13,000 litres/hr

2,859 UK gallons/hr

3,431 US gallons/hr
Supplied with Kaldnes Media 50 litres lio/30 litres Eazy 100 litres lio/40 litres Eazy
Max. Capacity for Kaldnes 100 litres lio/30 litres Eazy 300 litres lio/40 litres Eazy
Max. Pondsize 18,000 litres

4,000 UK gallons

4,800 US gallons
34,000 litres

7,500 UK gallons

9,000 US gallons
Volume of water in filter 112 UK gallons

510 litres

135 US gallons
185 UK gallons

840 litres

222 US gallons

Our Price: £895.00