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Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Filter

Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod Filter

 Evolution Aqua Eazy Pod filter for koi ponds up to 2200 gallons

Complete with lid media and waste valve,unique dry hands cleaning system.

Can be used Pump fed or Gravity fed.

An air pump is required to clean the filter.

  • Available options are,

  • Eazy Pod filter only

  • Eazy pod filter with air kit

  • Eazy Pod Complete with air kit and 18 watt UVC PUMP FED ONLY


Specification Eazy Pod
Max Feed Rate 100-125g per day
Max Flow Rate 10,000 litres/hr

2,200 UK gallons/hr or 2,640 US gallons/hr
Kaldnes Media 30 litres
Max pond size for ornamental fish
20,000 litres

4,400 UK gallons or 5,333 US gallons
Recommended Airpump 70-75
Max pond size for koi 10,000 litres

2,200 UK gallons or 2,640 US gallons

Our Price: £385.00