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Lactic Acid (Sansai Biorex) Probiotics

Lactic Acid (Sansai Biorex) Probiotics

Lactic Acid is a 100% biological probiotic,which is a particularly effective natural product that prevents bacterial and fungal infections,aids recovery from infection and improves the condition of the water.

The way LacticAcid works is by,stimulating the natural immune system of the fish so that recovery from disease is accelerated or even by preventing disease.

LacticAcid also boosts the biological balance in your pond so that pathogens have less opportunity to infect the fish.

Myself and many customers have been using this for around 2 years and the results are amazing,fish with niggling marks for many months have recovered within weeks of using this product.

Dosage is,

Start up dose 500ml per 10,000 litres or 2200 gallons

Maintenance of 50% of start up every 14 days ie; 250ml 10,000 litres

Lactic Acid can be used in the  following situations

  • Starting up new pond

  • After water changes

  • To boost immune system

  • Improve colour and growth

  • When introducing new koi

  • Combining various batches of koi

  • Helps lower ammonia nitrite and natrate content

  • Aids recovery of mouth rot, fin rot fungal infections and aid recovery from wounds

  • Bacterial problems such as Aeromonas or Pseudonomas

  • Excessive algae growth and to restore natural balance in your pond

Store in a cool dark place,can be kept up to 24 months unopened limited shelf life once opened,should it spoil it will turn in to a thick substance that will not pour,

Shake well before use.

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