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Yamitsu Replacement electrics 25 30 55 watt

Yamitsu Replacement electrics 25 30 55 watt

 Replacement electrics for Yamitsu Kockney Koi uv clarifiers cheaper than a new UVC and sometimes quicker and more convenient not having to cut out your old UV body

Kit includes new black box with screw on brackets to attach to your existing body

also 10 m of power cable,2 x rubber shrouds with end caps all pre wired and ready to fit

Also can be used to up rate your existing uv to a larger size ie 15 up to 25watt and 30 up to 55watt

if doing this you will require the larger wattage uv tube to suit also

Available from stock in the following sizes

  • 25 watt electrics

  • 30 watt electrics

  • 55 watt electrics

  • other sizes to order

Our Price: £53.30