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Oase Proficlear Premium Compact Gravity Drum system

Oase Proficlear Premium Compact Gravity Drum system

 Oase Premium Drum Filter, this is the Gravity fed version,which would be mounted at pond level,connected to a bottom drain or and a skimmer

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Suitable for Koi ponds up to 22,000 litres 4800 gallons

Garden ponds with fish up to 44,000 Litres 9600 gallons

wildlife ponds up to 88,000 litres 19200 gallons

Supplied with lid,Aeration equipment and 40 litres Hel-X 13 bio media

An Air pump will be required of 2000 lph or 30 to 40 lpm not supplied

 Shown above with optional pump chamber on right

Product characteristics at a glance

Most effective filter performance with flow rate of up to 16500 litres per hour for crystal clear water

Unique, completely automatic self cleaning offers minimal maintenance

  • Flexible use, ideal for  pump fed systems

  • Long life quality product, developed to a high standard. German production!

  • Extensive VDEP tested, certified safe function

  • Installation height above water only 10.5 cm

  • A micro control system oversees and operates the main functions and is easy to use

  • Width  in mm 685

  • Length in mm 885

  • Height in mm 820

Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz

Power consumption in W 5

Power consumption cleaning in W 1090

Cable length in m 1,00 + 5,00

Net weight in kg 70,00

Guarantee  2 + 1 years

Control unit Mikrocontroller

Temperature indicator, Yes Digital

Coarse debris extraction in µM 80

Number of nozzles / cleaning flow rate 2 x 2,5 l/min

Waste pump Ebara 6 bar

Automatic purging sensor, time interval, manual

Drum diameter in mm 516

Basket width in mm 155

Number of sieve elements (unit) 6

Filter intake surface in cm²

Material GRP thermoset /stainless steel

Number of inlets (unit)  2 x 4"/110 mm

Connections, inlet as above

Number of outlets (unit) 1 + 2 bitron

Connections, outlet DN 110

Connections, sludge discharge DN 70, DN 100

Pump capacity, max. in l/h 16500

Installation height over water level in cm 10.5

Type of use.  Gravity fed via 110 mm pipework

Other pollutant discharge incl. slide valve


Our Price: £1,999.99