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Oase Biosmart 18000 Set Filter pump system

Oase Biosmart 18000 Set Filter pump system



  • This high quality kit includes the Oase Aquamax Eco Classic 5500 pond pump and the Oase Biosmart 18000 pond filter.

  • Included in the set also is the Oase Vitronic 18 watt UVC unit and 5 metres of 38 mm heavy duty hose and clips

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance via cleaning handles and sludge drain.

  • 2 year warranty on filter.

  • Aquamax Classic 5500 Pond Pump handles solids up to 8mm. Only 60 watt power consumption. 2.8 m head and 5300 l/h Qmax

  • Outlet hose size 25-38mm on pump 

  • Pump comes with a 3 +2 year warranty

  • Filter outlet 70mm/75mm

  • Filter Dimensions (mm) 559x596x408 mm  LxWxH

  • Suitable for Koi ponds up to 4,500 litres and very low stocked ponds up to 24,000 litres



Our Price: £399.99