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Medicarp Health 5kg Large

Medicarp Health 5kg Large

 5 kg Bag of Medicarp Floating Pond  Pellets Large size

 7.0 mm pellets best before 21/05/2017

    • Medicarp Health Diet Koi Food - various sizes available 


      Medicarp Characteristics

      Medicarp contains only natural ingredients. 

      Medicarp contains  yeast which supports strength and vitality. 

      Medicarp contains a seaweed extract which helps strengthen the mucus layer and is fortified with Astaxanthin which promotes vibrant and distinctive colouring.

      Medicarp is digestible at low temperatures and does not cloud the water. 

      Can be fed to Koi in winter.during midday period.


      Medicarp Analysis 



      Wheat flour, fish meal, soybean meal, squid meal, hemtacoccus, torua yeast, lactoferin, natural astaxanthin, vitamins and minerals.


      Available in 5kg  large pellet,  with free delivery in the UK. 

    • Protein 37% more than

      Fat 6% 

      Fibre 2.2% 

      Ash 8% 

  • Best before 21/05/2017

Our Price: £64.99