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Superfish pond cover net
SKU 70391
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Threaded Tank connector 1.5" bsp Polypipe
SKU 56793
Valterra Slide Valve Range 1.5" 2" 3" 4" 110 mm
Valterra slide gate valves for pond and industry
SKU 118
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Valterra Slide Valve Range 2" Imperial
SKU 75701
Valterra Slide Valve Replacement rubber seals
Rubber replacement seals for valterra slide valves
SKU 56967
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Wide Mouth Black Skimmer in wall
SKU 500030
Yamitsu 2" 50 mm multi fit hose tail
SKU 56915
110 mm double union ball valve
110 mm Double Union Ball Valve Blue Handle
110 mm solvent waste ball valve
SKU 382
Oase Flow regulator hose valve tap
SKU 56913
kockney koi waste d/u ball valves
Kockney Koi waste d/u ball valves
Kockney koi pond waste valves double union
SKU 382
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Yamitsu Kockney Koi Ball Valves 1.5", 2" and 4"
Kockney Koi Pond ball valves
SKU 119
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skimmer replacement basket
Skimmer Replacement Basket
SKU 382
Wall Skimmer Fish Guard
Prevents fish becoming injured in the skimmer
SKU 56960
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pressure double union ball valve red handle
Ball Valve Pressure Double Union Red Handle
Ball Valve Double Union Pressure Red Handle
SKU 382
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oase icefree 4 seasons pond pump fountain
Oase Icefree 4 Seasons pond pump Fountain
SKU 49992
Black Wide Mouth In Wall Pond Skimmer
Black Wide mouth in wall surface skimmer,for removal of pond surface debris
SKU 82
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Oase Profiskim 100 gravity wall pond skimmer
Oase Profiskim 100 gravity in wall pond surface skimmer
SKU 70895
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Oase Profiskim 100 skimmer extension piece
SKU 70927
Kplus K+ Filter Floating Media Evolution Aqua K1
Evolution Aqua K+ Filter Media Floating White 25 litre and 50 litre bags
SKU 401
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Blagdon Powersafe 3 outlet switch box
SKU 56980
Out Of Stock
Blagdon Powersafe 4 outlet switch box
SKU 70979
Matsuko Switch Box on/off version
5 way on off switch box
SKU 56969
Yamitsu Switch Box 3 way separate fuses
SKU 56973
Yamitsu Switch Box 4 way separate fuses
SKU 56972
Pontec PondoStar LED RGBW Set 3 pond lights new for 2020
Colour Changing LED Pond Lights
SKU 75696
Pontec PondoStar LED Set 6 pond lights
SKU 70370
Box Weld Tailored Pond Liner
Box weld EPDM Greenseal Rubber Pond Liners made to order
Box or Tailored EPDM Rubber Pond Liners made to your pond size with an exact crease free fit
SKU 56940
Oase Y Distributor hose valve tap YDB Valve 56668
Oase YDB valve 56668 split one pump to two different features or filters
SKU 56668
3 Pod 10" Water Purifier dechlorinator
Excellent quality 3 pod 10" purifier with full size wall bracket and replaceable cartridges
SKU 136
oase lunaqua 3 - set 2 underwater lights 57205
Oase Lunaqua 3 - Set 2 Underwater Pond Lights 57205
Oase Lunaqua 3 set 2 New older model limited stock
SKU 57205