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In Pond Filters All in One
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Water Purifiers and Spares
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Drum filters and Sieves
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Pond Sieves
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PU18 Polyurethane sealant Black
SKU 56817
Black Knight Spawning brush
Spawning brush by Black Knight
Black Knight spawning brushes come in a 2 brush pack with anchoring wire at each end both brushes measure 59" long with a diameter of 5.5".
SKU 204
Vortex Filter brush by Black Knight
Simply insert a vortex brush in the path of the flowing water and you will be amazed at how much waste is collected in a short time.
SKU 205
Yamitsu Black box filter
SKU 56852
Yamitsu Mega Black box Pond filters
Yamitsu Mega black box filter
SKU 56853
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Yamitsu UV 11 watt pond filter
SKU 56785
Air fittings and pipe for Nexus and Eazy Pod 12 mm
Nexus Eazy pod 12 mm air fittings
SKU 16
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Evolution Aqua Detox Water filter
Evolution Aqua Detox Water purifier Dechlorinator
Inline water purifier
SKU 70987
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Nexus eazy Pod Air Ball valve assembly 12 mm
Nexus Eazy pod air valve
SKU 70991
Oase Proficlear Premium Compact M Gravity Drum EGC
Self cleaning gravity fed drum filter
SKU 47011
Oase Moving bed module
Oase Proficlear Premium Drum Filter Moving Bed Module
Oase Proficlear Premium Drum Filter Moving Bed Module
SKU 50772
Drilled Foam Filter Blocks
Foam block 4" x 4" Drilled
Drilled foam Blocks
SKU 55234
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Blue Filter Matting 3 pieces 17" x 11"
SKU 55232
Blue Filter Matting 18
Blue Filter Matting 3 pieces 18" x 25"
SKU 55233
Blagdon Powersafe 3 outlet switch box
SKU 56980
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Blagdon Powersafe 4 outlet switch box
SKU 70979
Blagdon Powersafe 5 outlet switch box
SKU 56981
Yamitsu Switch Box 3 way separate fuses
SKU 56973
Yamitsu Switch Box 4 way separate fuses
SKU 56972
multi hose y valve splitter
Multi Hose Valve Y Splitter 3/4 and 1" Small
Enables splitting of water supply from a single pump to two different features or filters
SKU 383
3 Pod 10" Water Purifier dechlorinator
Excellent quality 3 pod 10" purifier with full size wall bracket and replaceable cartridges
SKU 136
tetra pond aquasafe
Tetra Pond AquaSafe
Tetra Pond AquaSafe makes tap water safe for fish, and reliably protects fish and plants in ponds against harmful substances. It also adds important ingredients to the water and therefore creates the foundations for healthy and safe life in garden ponds.
SKU 393
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oase duoboost 5 cm 250 ml removes organic dirt, ammonium and nitrite.
Oase DuoBoost 5 cm 250 ml removes organic dirt, ammonium and nitrite.
Filter bacteria also sludge and debris enzyme
SKU 78110
Quality 200 mm air disc
SKU 47
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