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Pond Maintenance and Miscellaneous
Threaded Tank connector 1.5" bsp Polypipe
SKU 56793
Ecopond Mud Muncher Pond Cleaner
Degrades plant matter and fish waste to help keep your pond clean and free from odours. Also suitable for use in pond filters.
SKU 395
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3 Pod 10" Water Purifier dechlorinator
Excellent quality 3 pod 10" purifier with full size wall bracket and replaceable cartridges
SKU 136
K1 Micro Filter Media Evolution Aqua Floating Filter Media
K1 Micro Floating Filter Media
SKU 55246
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Black Knight Spawning brush
Spawning brush by Black Knight
Black Knight spawning brushes come in a 2 brush pack with anchoring wire at each end both brushes measure 59" long with a diameter of 5.5".
SKU 204
tetra pond aquasafe
Tetra Pond AquaSafe
Tetra Pond AquaSafe makes tap water safe for fish, and reliably protects fish and plants in ponds against harmful substances. It also adds important ingredients to the water and therefore creates the foundations for healthy and safe life in garden ponds.
SKU 393
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oase duoboost 5 cm 250 ml removes organic dirt, ammonium and nitrite.
Oase DuoBoost 5 cm 250 ml removes organic dirt, ammonium and nitrite.
Filter bacteria also sludge and debris enzyme
SKU 78110