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Filter Bacteria Boosters
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Pond Test Kits
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Pond Medicines
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Sinking sturgeon food
SKU 56753
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Koi Care NT Labs Flukasol Fluke Treatment
SKU 56882
Koi Care - Propolis Wound Seal 30 ml
SKU 56965
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Kusuri Ammonia Test Kit
SKU 56900
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Kusuri Anti Bac
SKU 56868
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Kusuri Biobalance PH and KH buffer
Raises the KH and assists in stabilising the pH of your water.
SKU 56943
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Kusuri Eco Pure
SKU 56945
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Kusuri Hydrogen Peroxide 6% 1000ml
SKU 70985
Kusuri Nitrite Test Kit
SKU 56901
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Kusuri Orahesive Protective Powder 25g
SKU 70986
Kusuri Roccal Wound Cleaner
SKU 56869
Kusuri Top Coat Sealer
SKU 56870
Malachite Green 1% by Pond Medic Pond Treatment
An effective treatment for aquatic parasites such as White Spot, Costia and Trichodina
SKU 56827
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Pond Lab 200 Multi Pond Water Test Kit Set
SKU 56888
Pond Lab Ammonia Test Kit
SKU 56889
Pond Lab Hardness GH KH Test Kit
SKU 56892
Pond Lab Nitrite Test Kit
SKU 56890
Pond Lab PH Test Kit
SKU 56891
Pond Lab Water Mini Test Kit Set
SKU 56887
Tetra Ammonia NH3 Test Kit
SKU 56899
Tetra Nitrite NO2 Test Kit
SKU 56898
Tetra PH Test Kit
SKU 56897
Dai Suki Filta Bac 1 Litre.
Ecopond Mud Muncher Pond Cleaner
Degrades plant matter and fish waste to help keep your pond clean and free from odours. Also suitable for use in pond filters.
SKU 395
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tetra pond aquasafe
Tetra Pond AquaSafe
Tetra Pond AquaSafe makes tap water safe for fish, and reliably protects fish and plants in ponds against harmful substances. It also adds important ingredients to the water and therefore creates the foundations for healthy and safe life in garden ponds.
SKU 393
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oase duoboost 5 cm 250 ml removes organic dirt, ammonium and nitrite.
Oase DuoBoost 5 cm 250 ml removes organic dirt, ammonium and nitrite.
Filter bacteria also sludge and debris enzyme
SKU 78110
Koi Care - KH Buffer Up by NT Labs
NT Labs KH pond Buffer Up powder
SKU 1525
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