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In Pond Filters All in One
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Water Purifiers and Spares
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Drum filters and Sieves
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Pond Sieves
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Oase Biosmart 36000 Filter Set
Oase Biosmart 36000 Filter Set include 11500 Aquamax Start pump and 36 watt Vitronic UVC also 5m of H.D hose and clips
SKU 56856
Oase Biotec 12 Foams
SKU 56738
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Oase Biotec Premium 80,000 Drum filter system 54854
Oase Biotec 80000 pump fed drum filter, self cleaning filter
SKU 54854
Oase Bitron 110C UV Clarifier 110 watt
SKU 71005
Oase Filtoclear 16000 pressure filter system
SKU 51247
Oase Filtoclear 3000 pressure filter system
SKU 55997
Oase Filtoclear 6000 pressure filter system
SKU 55998
Oase Filtral 1500 replacement foam set
SKU 70240
Oase Filtral 3000 replacement foam set
SKU 70241
Oase Filtral Aeration Set
SKU 70364
Oase Filtral fountain Nozzle kit 1/2" + 1"
SKU 70366
Oase Filtral UVC 1500 in pond filter system
Oase Filtral 1500 All in one filter and Feature pump Filter and UVC
SKU 70233
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Oase Proficlear Premium Compact M Drum Filter Pump EGC
Self cleaning drum filter pump fed, 3 year warranty on application
SKU 47009
Oase Spare Sieve Screen Biotec Compact Premium 60 Micron Drum Filter 43600
Oase finer replacement Sieve Screen For Oase BioTec Premium Compact M drum filter set of 6 Fine 60 Micron Oase product code 43600
SKU 43600
Oase Spare Sieve Drum Screen For BioTec Premium Compact M Drum Filter 44227
Fits Compact L and Premium drum filters
SKU 44227
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Oase Vitronic 24 UV Clarifier Filter 24 watt
SKU 71006
Pond Hose Valve Tap
SKU 56906
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Pond Lab Water Mini Test Set
SKU 56887
Pontec Filter pump MultiClear Set 5000
SKU 50293
Pontec Filter pump MultiClear Set 8000
SKU 56982
PU18 Polyurethane sealant Black
SKU 56817
Black Knight Spawning brush
Spawning brush by Black Knight
Black Knight spawning brushes come in a 2 brush pack with anchoring wire at each end both brushes measure 59" long with a diameter of 5.5".
SKU 204
Vortex Filter brush by Black Knight
Simply insert a vortex brush in the path of the flowing water and you will be amazed at how much waste is collected in a short time.
SKU 205