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api stress coat 946 ml tap water safe short date
API Stress Coat 946 ml Tap Water Safe Special Offer
Instantly removes chlorine and breaks the chloramine bond to make tap water safe for your pond. SHORT DATE
SKU 391
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api pond accu-clear quickly clears pond water
API Pond Accu-Clear Quickly Clears Pond Water
API POND ACCU-CLEAR Pond Water Clarifier quickly eliminates cloudy pond water caused by dirt, silt and floating particles.
SKU 399
cloverleaf prevent blanketweed 800g
Cloverleaf Prevent Blanketweed 800g
SKU 398
cloverleaf absolute bio-gel filter bacteria
Cloverleaf Absolute Bio-Gel Filter Bacteria 1 Litre
Cloverleaf Absolute Bio-Gel comprises of millions of live bacteria especially developed for the start up and maintenance of all biological filtration systems through nitrification
SKU 397
Ecopond Cloudy Water Treatment
Ecopond Cloudy Water Treatment
A natural flocculant which quickly clears green and cloudy pond water
SKU 394
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ecopond extract of barley straw
Ecopond Extract of Barley Straw
A natural algae and Blanketweed control product Contains no synthetic chemicals or artificial pesticides
SKU 393
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flow control hose valve regulator
Flow Control Hose Valve Regulator
SKU 386
multi hose y valve splitter
Multi Hose Y Valve Splitter 1.5"
SKU 382
nexus 220 clear inner lid
Nexus Eazy clear inner lid 220 320
SKU 382
82 mm short 90 elbow
82 mm Short 90 elbow
3" 82 mm elbow 90 bend
SKU 382
Deluxe Skimmer net shovel edge
SKU 70392
Deluxe Skimmer surface net
SKU 70390
Skimmer surface net
SKU 70389
Superfish pond cover net
SKU 70391
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Inner Repair Hose Tail
SKU 56916
Nexus eazy Pod Air Ball valve assembly
Nexus Eazy pod air valve
SKU 70991
Pontec Pondoair set 200 air pump kit
SKU 62
Pond Hose Valve Tap
SKU 56906
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Kplus K+ Filter Floating Media Evolution Aqua K1
Evolution Aqua K+ Filter Media Floating White 25 litre and 50 litre bags
SKU 401
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Blagdon Powersafe 3 outlet switch box
SKU 56980
Blagdon Powersafe 4 outlet switch box
SKU 70979
Blagdon Powersafe 5 outlet switch box
SKU 56981
Matsuko Switch Box Timer version
SKU 56970
Yamitsu Switch Box 3 way separate fuses
SKU 56973
Yamitsu Switch Box 4 way separate fuses
SKU 56972
Pontec PondoStar LED Set 3 pond lights
SKU 57739
Pontec PondoStar LED Set 6 pond lights
SKU 70370